Thursday, May 5, 2016

We Said “YES” To Homeschooling

We Said “YES” To Homeschooling

The option of homeschooling has been around as long as school itself. There used to be stacks of paper and workbooks. It was the parent's job to be the teacher and ‘expert’ on everything. Well, that was my view, anyway. I have never been confident in my skills to properly teach my kids all that they would need to know. I did not want to do anything to prevent them from excelling in every aspect of their lives. But, we found out some new and exciting information and about two weeks ago my 15 year old daughter and I decided to say “yes” to homeschooling.

Here is why:

  • All of her courses are 100% online – no paper, except the notes she takes to help her study
  • She is in complete control of her education
  • She has deadlines to meet each week: to teach her how to manage her time wisely
  • She is able to learn at her own pace
  • She has access to a wide variety of courses to go along with her core classes that a public school may not have at the high school level (Criminology for example – she loves it!)
  • She has easy access to her instructors via message or email
  • The program is through her high school

This means she has access to the school’s resources
- Teachers who will meet with her as needed for hands on help, she just signs in at school and goes to the computer lab
- A laptop to borrow
- Their library
- She can still attend school functions (sports, choir, pep rallies, dances, graduation etc.)
- All final exams are proctored at the school library to cover all state regulations to ensure there are no issues with her receiving credit for all of her courses.
Our experience with homeschooling has been very positive, thus far. We love the flexibility of her schedule. It gives us time for things like doctor’s and dentist’s appointments and eliminates the worry about snow days. She can work anywhere there is wi-fi and any time of day. She has enjoyed it so much that she has even worked ahead in some of her classes.

Every school district is different, so if you are considering homeschooling, research by contacting the school and checking out their options. Consider how your child learns best and their personality. Most kids respond positively to a classroom environment with scheduled events and routines. Homeschooling is not for everyone.
Every child is different and may even tell you how they prefer to learn. It gives them a sense of empowerment to be part of the decision and can build their confidence. Giving them this choice may also improve their interest in school and learning. Hopefully, there will be sense of responsibility to meet the deadlines and guidelines. Most kids do well with this as long as they have someone at home to consistently be accountable to. So don’t be afraid to take an interest and be involved.

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