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Welcome to the Chrisitan Indie Authors Blog

Welcome This is the first post of the Christian Indie Authors blog. We hope to have many interesting posts for authors and readers. We will be sharing new releases, and helpful tips for authors.  We have helpful links to the right and we will be having our email here soon so you can subscribe and keep up with all the exciting news. Website We have an ever growing website where you can learn about our authors and much  more.  Check out our spotlight for new releases and hear the latest audio books from our Christian Authors. We've had our website up and running for years now and we want  to add a Christian Academy to help our Authors keep on top of the latest marketing tips and information when we can.     Interviews Come back often to check out our Author Interviews. With over 20 Facebook groups we will have a lot of fresh and exciting interviews. We will be asking our Authors for their favorite marketing tips, learn from them what works for them and their gen