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Appreciating the “Greatest Generation"

The Greatest Generation By Author Linda Ellen As I was writing my first novel for publication, I wanted an angle or trademark to set mine apart. Since my first story took place in Louisville where I reside, I decided to make my future stories take place in the ‘Ville as well. Once I finished my first series, which was centered on my own parents’ love story ( Once in a While is book 1 of that series—the Cherished Memories series), I looked around for a theme on which to build a new series of books. One thing that kept coming to mind was one of our local landmarks, Fort Knox, so I started tossing around ideas for how I could use the famous army base prominently in a story.   The answer, of course—since I wanted to keep it historical—was a WWII tale.   From there, it took off.   Fort Knox is literally a household word, and “Locked up tighter than Fort Knox” is a common saying.   The name embodies the stuff of legends, and it has always fascinated me—espe