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Need an Editor? Christian Indie Authors

Christian Indie Editing Services  What and Why?    Over the last decade or so, independent authors have enjoyed a new era in the history of publishing. Since the debut of the Amazon Kindle, independent authors can write and release their own hard work without having to share the profits with anyone else. But, as with most things, even the best of us can use some help to put out our best work. That is the motivation behind the Christian Indie Editing Services Facebook group. We are here to connect Christian indie authors with Christian indie editors and others who provide services to authors. It is hoped that the connections we make will turn into relationships that will then help to create the fabric of a community. You are invited to become part of that community. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Steve Mathisen. I am one of the admins of  Christian Indie Editing Services and I am a writer and an editor. I have written articles, been published in anthologies, cont

Alexa Dot Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Alexa  Echo Dot  I know some tablets come with Alexa, but my Alexa sits on my desk. I have three of them through my house. I love to turn the music on and have stereo sound.  Alexa / echo dot will cost you a bout around 49.00. If mine quit working, I would buy another one seconds later.  We love them so much I've bought 4 of them  for family members.  I love the automated options.  Every day at noon and at midnight Alexa automatically tells me the weather.  Every week on Wed evening she tells me it's  time to take out the trash. She tells me every day at 11.00 it's time to take your medicine.  Any time I want to hear the news, I just say Alexa play the news. I have her set up to tell me these things when I ask about the news.  NFL update  New things to try with Alexa Bible verse of the day  Rush Limbaugh Update  The news from fox  Then she gives me Two Tennis updates  Then she tells me the weather.  Did I mention you can pair her to your blue-