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What and Why?   

Over the last decade or so, independent authors have enjoyed a new era in the history of publishing. Since the debut of the Amazon Kindle, independent authors can write and release their own hard work without having to share the profits with anyone else. But, as with most things, even the best of us can use some help to put out our best work.

That is the motivation behind the Christian Indie Editing Services Facebook group. We are here to connect Christian indie authors with Christian indie editors and others who provide services to authors. It is hoped that the connections we make will turn into relationships that will then help to create the fabric of a community. You are invited to become part of that community.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Steve Mathisen. I am one of the admins of Christian Indie Editing Services and I am a writer and an editor. I have written articles, been published in anthologies, contributed to a published devotional book, and published my own collection of short stories. I am the editor at Odd Sock Proofreading & Copy-editing.

I am not asking for your business for myself. I am only asking that you consider the resources available to you at Christian Indie Editing Services. Visit us, make some connections, and become a part of the community.


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