Alexa Dot Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Echo Dot I know some tablets come with Alexa, but my Alexa sits on my desk. I have three of them through my house. I love to turn the music on and have stereo sound. 

Alexa / echo dot will cost you about around 49.00. If mine quit working, I would buy another one seconds later.  We love them so much I've bought 4 of them for family members. 

I love the automated options.  Every day at noon and at midnight Alexa automatically tells me the weather.  Every week on Wed evening she tells me it's time to take out the trash. She tells me every day at 11.00 it's time to take your medicine. 

Any time I want to hear the news, I just say Alexa play the news. I have her set up to tell me these things when I ask about the news. 

NFL update 
New things to try with Alexa
Bible verse of the day 
Rush Limbaugh Update 
The news from fox 
Then she gives me Two Tennis updates 
Then she tells me the weather. 

Did I mention you can pair her to your blue-tooth speakers.  I love Alexa

I also use her daily for timers, and reminders. I ask her a lot what's the high for the day or the low. There are several options for where you get your weather and news.  You can listen to pod casts, music. I even listen to Rush Limbaugh through tune-in. I love that I can be washing the dishes and just turn around and say Alexa play Christmas music, or play the Joyce Meyer podcast. It's great. 

I won't get into detail here, but you can also set it up to play your own music or if you're an author your own audio books by using google drive and My Pod aps. It is just so amazing I wish everyone could have an Alexa.  We also have Prime so that means we get a lot of music options.  Blake Shelton is one of my favorites and I guess she hears Alexa play Blake Shelton more than she hears anything. 

There are so many cool and fun apps. Don't even get me started on the store list, the To do list, or google calendar. I love the option tell me what's on my agenda for the day.  If you are like to listen to audio books, or music, or need a reminder when to take something out of the oven you have got to get at least one Alexa. 

Right now we're up to three of them in the house and if my house was bigger I'd have more. I'm always joking with my husband that I just wish I could get her on my smart watch so I could take her everywhere. Though you can take her on your phone around here in the sticks we don't have great cell service so for now I'll just be happy to have her in just about every room of my house. 

Thanks for listening and oh get an Alexa for someone you love, and no I don't get a dime if you do, just the satisfaction that you'll be getting a great tool for your home that will help you do so many things, you too will say Alexa is the best thing since sliced bread. 

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