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Christian Editor Pam Lagomarsino

CIAN Editor Spotlight    Pam Lagomarsino Above The Pages  We hope that our Authors will enjoy this intro to Above The Pages. Please take a look at one of our many CIAN editors.  Pam Lagomarsino has a informative website so if you're in the market for an editor check out her site.  Above the Pages – Equipping authors to touch the lives of their readers. Pam Lagomarsino is a Christian editor who provides thorough, affordable editing, proofreading, and manuscript review services. I work with nonfiction, devotionals, inspirational, fiction, children’s materials, and home school curriculum. I also do fact and Scripture verification.   Whether you need a light proofread, substantive revision, or anything in between, I will go the extra mile to help you create a captivating piece to engage, inspire, or educate your readers.   I do all work in Microsoft Word using Track Changes. I offer free sample edits to see if we are right for each other. I will also work wit

Interview with Lynnette

We are here talking to Lynnette today. She has a new release. Check out the interview below and her new release HERE What started your writing career? I grew up overseas without electricity or TV, so I was a reader from my very early years. I loved to immerse myself in story and sometimes wouldn’t reemerge until hours later. Eventually my love of story turned the bend to me beginning to pen my own stories. Or I would read a book and think “it could have been so much better if they’d done it this way.” I started several books, but never finished one until I was doing some research about the town I lived in at the time and found some tidbits from history that I knew had to be told. That research turned into my first published novel, Rocky Mountain Oasis. You were born and raised in Africa?!  Did that have any kind of influence on you as a writer? For sure! I often tell my kids that I wish anyone who interacted in politics in our country would be required to first live for 2 y