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Audiobook Reivew The Trampled Rose Series

Miracles in Disguise, The Trampled Rose Series  By Michelle Lynn Brown Narrated by Jessica Carter Buy Book Here Sweet Story    This story is about a woman trying to overcome her past. Christina had a rough life because of a stern father and abusive husband. Despite that, she had a passion to help others and be a good teacher. In the end, she was able to grow closer to God and find love again with someone who, not only, was worthy of her through God's eyes, but most importantly, truly loved God himself. Sound Biblical message    Even though Christina's ex husband misused and distorted God's word to manipulate her, she somehow, still trusted God and knew he would answer her and get her through. She even had some positive and supportive people , such as her new pastor's wife, to remind her of that when she really needed advise. Parallels    The author had many similarities to remind Christina of her past. The new love interest was a