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Free Webinar from Christian Indie Authors


Every month The Christian Indie Author Network will be offering a completely free webinar for Indie authors on indie publishing, writing, marketing, writing tools use or writing life hacks. They will be taught by Christian indie author experts or indie publishing and marketing company experts. These will be first come first serve and to reserve your spot you will need to register for the webinar. This is the page to learn what this months webinar topic is and to register for the webinar.  By doing so you will become part of our email list and will be informed of future webinars.
This Months Webinar.
"Making Money while
Breaking Through as an Author"June 3rd at 8 pm Eastern Here are the things that kathryn will cover during this webinar:

Five Simple Ideas that will help you plot your way to a successful freelance writing career.Setting your freelance goalsHow to go about finding the jobs How to succeed at getting the jobsWays to keep getting jo…