Friday, May 1, 2015

Christian Indie Author interview with Christina M Simpson

Author Interview 
Join us this month as we talk with Christina M Simpson about her books. I'd like to invite you to also check out Christina's Contest HERE it ends Ends May 2nd, at 12pm

Christina Simpson:    
Christina is an Independent Christian Author. She has been publishing her works since 2013. She currently has four published titles and attended The University of North Florida after graduating from high school in St Augustine, Florida. Her love for creative writing began her senior year in high school and has followed with her throughout her lifetime. She has been a member of the Christian Indie Author Network since 2013 and she currently resides in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and two sons.

Nova never expected to come face to face with the ugly side of humanity. Fresh out of college and celebrating abroad with her best friend Evie, she never dreamed that she'd be in danger. She also never imagined she'd find her healing from it all in the arms of her rescuer.  Davis had his share of tragedy in life, and he was finally coming to terms with it. Then a chance meeting with Nova, brings out something inside of him that he had forgotten existed. Little did he know what would await ahead of them. It's his job to rescue her, but he soon learns he's responsible for more than just her safety, he's responsible for her heart.

Finding Alaris 
Princess Alaris found her home in the middle realm, after actions from her father caused her to flee Volonia. But it was time for her to come home. 
So they sent him-The Warrior of Volonia.  Neither of them knew what the ancients had in store. They could have never imagined that they'd be chosen. 
War was coming, and they would have to fight, or lose Volonia forever.

Christina's tips for Authors 
Marketing Tip: Be Personable and Communicate. Let your readers know you're a real person and draw them into discussions.
Amazon Tip: Figure out where the sweet spot is for you and your book. Pay attention to how Amazon works their marketing numbers and focus on that.
Writing Tip: Try to live as your character for 1 full day. It will help so much in developement.
Christina's Links
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