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Guest Post Allison Reker

I'd like to thank Allison Reker   I found her post very useful and I play online games with my husband and family I can't wait to try out some of her advice. All images are from the great photographers at Pixaby How Video Games Can  Transform Your Writing   No, I haven’t lost my mind, and I’m not a video game addict either—I am totally serious. I’ve been passionate about writing my whole life; participated in writing groups, gone to conferences, taken more classes on writing than I can remember, and even majored in writing in college. But it was through a video game that I learned to really be a story teller and develop characters that breathed a life of their own. Roleplay  Find a game where you can role-play with others. I’m not talking about your standard shoot-em-up, follow the canned story line from point A to point Z until you defeat the big boss kind of game though. I’m talking about the open-ended kind. The games that give you an interactive world full of o

Clean and Christian Movies: Lucas Miles Interview

Clean and Christian Movies: Interview with Lucas Miles Hello CIAN Readers: Today , we have the pleasure of speaking with actor, author, pastor and film producer, Lucas Miles. First, we'd like to thank you, Mr. Miles, for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.  And, to our readers, we do hope that you will take time out to watch his new movie, Rodeo Girl . It looks to be a great family movie and, now that it's on Netflix, DVD and Amazon Prime, those of you who don't get out much can still enjoy this great family feature. CIAN:   Mr. Miles, we would like to begin with a question about your new book, Good God , that is due out in March, 2016. I have read the material and excerpts available on-line for the book. I am a Christian who believes that God is indeed a good God. What can your book offer me as someone seeking a closer walk with God? Miles:   Like many people, I grew up in a church expression that spoke about God's goodness but struggl

How to Write a Good Book Review

How to Write an Excellent Book Review by Pastor George McVey For those of us who are self published or small press published authors, there are two main things that are our best marketing tools. The first is word of mouth. If you like a book, recommend it to people. Don’t give them your copy but tell them how to get their own. This blog post is about the second, and probably the best marketing tool, and that is the written review.  In the past, I had not worried too much about my reviews. I am more concerned now that a new App named Fakespot is available. Fakespot claims to be able to tell if a review is authentic. Fakespot runs its’ reviews through various technologies and algorithms to tell how many of the reviews appear to be fake or paid reviews. I tested this on myself as well as several authors I know and trust, and at least 40% of our reviews were flagged as fake.   Needless to say, I was concerned because every review I had gotten was legitimate. They were from p

Valentines Day Cover Sale

What's going on? A cover sale that will benefit a new local animal shelter in my neighborhood. They do great work and are just starting out.They do not have their 501C yet but hope to get one soon. I have seen their work and all of the ladies work without pay.  I hope you will join in. How does this work? We will have several covers to pick from during our Sale, the prices will range from $10. and up. We'll be running this sale from the 14th to the 21st. We hope to have a different special every day so drop by and see what's going on. Where will my money go? Your money will go to pay for adoption fees and vet bills. These ladies started out just helping the county and when the county saw what a great job they were doing, they put them in charge of helping to find the animals a home. They do their best to be a no kill shelter, and they foster out pets and find them homes. Here is some ideas of what goes on at the Stray Hearts.  Feb 2016 Rescue so far