Saturday, May 20, 2017

Audiobook Lovers (new Facebook group)

New Facebook Group  Helps Educate, Network, Promote Your Craft


The rise in popularity of Facebook Groups and Pages

Over the past few years, Facebook has grown to be much more than a fun place to post your cute pet pics. Facebook Groups - community meeting grounds for people who share common hobbies and interests, and Facebook Pages - individual "fan" sites for people, businesses, bands, etc. have, in many cases, replaced special interest blogs simply by their one-stop convenience. You’re on FB; your friends are on FB - why not put all your interests in one place so that you don’t leave Facebook? You get the picture. Love it or hate it - Facebook HAS value… if you know where to find it.

Welcome to Audiobook Lovers - Listeners, Authors, Narrators

A new FB group, which seems as if it was constructed specifically for independent authors, is Audiobook Lovers. Audiobook Lovers was started by author, Barbara Goss in late April of 2017, and, in just three short weeks, has grown to 230 members. The group's description says it best,
Welcome to the place where listeners of audiobooks meet the narrators and authors. Feel

free to post any Audiobook deals and promotions. Tell your Audiobook friends about us so we can grow. All genres except erotic welcome. Please ask questions, and don't forget to introduce yourself! :)

That smiley at the end sets the tone for the whole group. It's rare that I find a FB group that is so welcoming and friendly. While many FB groups greet new members with strict rules that exclude any kind of self-promotion, Audiobook Lovers actually ENCOURAGES promotions and asks that you tell the group about yourself, your business, hobbies. You’ll even get a welcome message that asks you to introduce yourself and tell a little about what you do. Again, refreshing and nice to see in an age where social media doesn’t always seem all that social.  

What does all this mean to you as an author?

First off, the fact that the site encourages promotions from your very first posting should be reason enough to jump on over to the Group and join.  No need to warm up to the group, shmooze with the moderators - just say howdy and write a post about a book you want to promote. How many conversations have you had with fellow authors about "Where can we promote our books for free?" Audiobook Lovers combines listeners - your main audience, other authors, AND... audiobook narrators. 

Audiobooks - The next big thing

As an author, you probably fit into one of two camps: 
You're either thinking about turning your books into audiobooks or already have. Truth is, sales of audiobooks rose 47% from November 2015 to November 2016, and there's no sign of the industry slowing. The good news? - it's so much easier to get your books into audio form than you may think. Audiobook Lovers has dozens of well-established audiobook narrators who are just waiting to help answer your questions. In fact - I'm one of them! :)

Audiobook Lovers - Welcome Home

The next time you're on Facebook... oh, it's open in another browser tab right now? Head on over to Audiobook Lovers and join in on the fun. Introduce yourself, kick off your shoes, and stay for a spell. Oh... and don't forget to promote your books there! Trust me - it's perfectly okay.

About Tom Jordan

My name is Tom Jordan and I'm a voice actor, audiobook narrator, and writer living in Orange County, California. I'm currently narrating Barbara Goss's wonderful Shadow Series of historical Christian romance novels. The first audiobook from that series, Shadow of Shame will be on in June. You can hear a sample of me narrating that book here. Feel free to contact me directly for voiceover work, audiobook narration -  

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