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I live in Canada, 150 kilometers east of Toronto, Ontario. Usually by mid-December, we have snow. It is January 3 and the ground is bare (not that I’m complaining!). Is there unusual weather where you live?

The following is the trailer for the third book in the Victory Series, Caused to Triumph, coming out in the fall of this year, 2024.

Anne-Marie, oldest daughter of Cassie and Jon Bailey, is on top of the world. She has graduated from university and obtained a position in her field of medical research. On a trip to Las Vegas with her boyfriend, Liam, they decide on a whim to get married.


Liam suspects one of his chartered accounting clients to be involved in shady business dealings. 

When the client is arrested and charged with money laundering, Liam is subpoenaed to testify at his upcoming trial.


This puts Liam in jeopardy, and he and Anne-Marie end up running for their lives. When she miscarries their first baby, her world falls apart. It takes losing everything before Anne-Marie turns her face toward Jesus and learns that no matter what the circumstances, in Him, she will always triumph.

Does it sound interesting? I’d like to know what you think.

Doralyn Moore has a Master of Education degree from the University of Toronto and over thirty-years’ experience in social services, working with diverse populations. This familiarity has helped inform the storylines for her books

Doralyn hopes the journey of the characters will encourage readers to consider seriously the life-changing news of salvation through Jesus Christ and to trust in the goodness and faithfulness of God

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